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Monopolis neighbourhood offers many attractions

Monopoli on the eastern coast of Apulia, about 5o kilometres south of South-Italy's largest city, next to Naples.

  • 10 km westwards, inland, you find one of Italy's most beautiful lime-stone-caves Grotte di Castellana. The cave is open for visitors all year around.  
  • It is only 7-8 km from Monopoli centre to one of South Italy's greatest golf-grounds San Domenica Golf 
  • In the neighbour town, Fasano, you find one of Italy's largest animal-parks, the zoo in Fasano, where you can travel around between the wild animals.The same complex offers a large amusement-park Fasanolandia, and a dophlpin show, 3 in 1.
  • It s only 7-8 km to Egnazia, an out-door museum with an excavated roman forum
  • The neighbour-town Alberobello is the capital of the trulli and is on UNESCO's world heritage list.
  • Not far, you find different wine producers with DOC status.
  • I the neighbouring town Putignano they celebrate the oldest (dating back to 1394) and longest Italian carnival. It starts the day after Christmas and finishes the day before the ash Wednesday. There are four Carnival parades during this periode og the year.
Karnevalsbilde 250.jpg (33466 bytes) This statue of Bush as a gaul won 3.price in 2005. The construction is on a 8x8m base and 11 m tall.