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Castel del Monte 

This unique medieval castle is situated on top of a hill 540 metres above sea level north west of Bari. Castel del Monte was built by Frederick II of Swabia few years before his death in 1250. Frederick II was Roman Emperor and King of Sicily and Apulia, also known as "stupor mundi" . The castle might have been , a hunting lodge, or maybe a mysterious monument on the pilgrimage route to Jerusalem.  This octagonal structure, with 8 octagonal towers ties through itís plan to baptise chapels and mausoleums. Various architectural elements and styles are harmoniously brought together in this one building: Classical, Renaissance, Romanesque, Gothic and Arabic. The monument reflects Frederick's cultural background, as he was educated in Palermo where at the time three streams of culture flowed together: Roman, Arabic and Norman.

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Castel det monte

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Frederick II "stupor mundi"

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