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A house in Centro Storico

Our Italian holiday house is an old lime-stone building, situated in the Centro storico, the picturesque and lively town centre of Monopoli. The house has four floors and a roof terrace. From the terrace there is a full circle panorama. You look down on neighbouring  roof terraces, and you can observe the life in nearby streets. Nearly all around you can admire the old town skyline with its many church-towers. Only to the South, you will get a glimpse of the coastline, and in the far distance you will discover the horizon of the Adriatic Sea. Almost within hand is the cupola of the nearest church, Purgatorio, which has given name to our small street Via Purgatorio. Just behind Purgatorio rises the tower of the Cathedral, the pearl of Monopoli.

The house has a two hundred years' history. Its traditional construction, with thick walls of natural stones, makes it a good house to live in.  All the rooms have vaulted ceilings with a feeling of space and air. Like many urban dwellings in Italy it is high and narrow, which - combined with the thick walls - prevents excessive heating by the sun. The house is therefore cool even on hot summer days. In Monopoli it is still not common to install cooling systems.