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Monopoli is a small town on the eastern coast of Apulia between Bari and Brindisi. Monopoli charms you on first meeting. The town-wall rises from the sea, and carries the blending white limestone-houses with their colour rich window-shutters. Behind the first row, you find a lively historic centre with contorted narrow roads.

The town has a good, modern harbour, with a beautiful fish-boat-fleet. On the pulsating fish-and vegetable-market, on Piazza XX September, the local fishermen and farmers sell their own goods.

Monopoli has a surprisingly big cathedral with a rich baroque interior of marble-mosaic. The community has at least 25 beautiful small beaches.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is situated between the historical centre and the modern part of the town. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele  is closed to traffic and is lined by small oak-trees. In this square all people meet: mothers with children, old men sitting on chairs chatting, youngsters having joy and playing football, children on bike, young boys looking at young girls walking arm in arm. Here they have political meetings, out-door concerts. This is the art ”La vita bella”.

The modern Monopoli has small shops with all the goods a modern person need and wish. Monopoli is a living town with lots of small coffee bars, small restaurants, commercials, industry, hospital, railway station, soccer-team, cinema, music conservatory and so on.

In Monopoli you live well, and eat well, ....... and cheap.

Monopoli has a friendly climate. The summer is warm, but because of a cooling breeze for the Adriatic Sea, it is not too hot. It is only two months from middle December too middle February it is chilly.

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Monopoli's big feast of the year is August 14th. On that date, the town celebrates its saint Madonna della Madia with parade and fireworks.

In Monopoli you can stay for days, weeks, even your whole life without longing for more, but for those with appetite on experiences, Monopoli's sorroundings and the Italian region Apulia offers many attractions.

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