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Monopoli's Surroundings

Monopoli has about 50 000 inhabitants. The community is divided into 99 small district called contrade.

The town is surrounded by a landscape called marina. The marina changes from flat low-land to hills of 300 meters inland. Large areas are cultivated, and the farm-land consists of large areas with almond-trees, landscape with olive trees, and fields where they grow vegetables and fruits. The period in spring while the almonds flourish is beautiful. In the county side the typical settlements are large villas, small stone churches and typical fortified farms Masserie Fortificate. These farms are heritage from the roman times. The landscape along the coast consists of maki, nature with animals, birds and plants typical for The Mediterranean.

Monopoli has during all times turned towards the sea. The coastline in the community is 13 kilometres long, and has lots of beautiful small bays and beaches. The coast has some natural harbours, and Monopoli is situated by one of these natural harbours. The modern harbour has old and new moles and is today a busy fisherman's harbour and a port for bigger ships. There are  a couple of smaller shipyards in the harbour.

The Adriatic sea is invitingly clean. Monopoli's coastline has many beaches, which are popular in the hot summer months. 

Pictures from The Monopoli community

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The old light house in the harbour From the coastline Beach Beach
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Stone walls Masseria Almond tree Vegetation
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Old olive tree Olive grove Belvedere St. Nicola Trulli