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Holiday in Puglia

The Sun Gleam Residence

Solglime in Monopoli


The house
Rent the house?

The town turns towards the ocean

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The bell tower

The town wall

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The beach at Portavecchia

View from the roof terrace


Via Purgatorio, our road

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The entrance of our house far to the right

Vieuw from the living room

At the neightour's


Trade on the market in Centro storico, Piazza XX Settembre

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- and at night, the market is wiped clean


The peoples square, Vittorio Emanuele II

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Piazza Garibaldi


On track to the harbour

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havna.jpg (23478 bytes) Through narrow roads and gates
passing small alters
meeting fishermen's boats with personality
to the main harbour
where the big boats await
- the next nights work

The Cathedral, Madonna della Madia

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Passage to the Catherdral

The High Alter

Side alter

Side alter

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Summer pictures


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More photoimpressions from Monopoli