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Holiday in Puglia

The Sun Gleam Residence

Solglime in Monopoli


The house
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The beaches

From the house there is only a 150 meters walk on smooth cobble stone to the nearest beach, Cala Portavecchia, a small bay by the Adriatic Sea. This is a child-inviting beach facing east, used by the locals. The beach is narrow with fine sand and a couple of hundred meters long. On the foot of the town wall, running on the northern side of the bay, you can sunbathe and dive directly into the sea. Within walking distance there are another three small beaches: Porto Bianco, Porto Rosso and Porto Paradiso.

Cala Portavecchia is our beach
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Afternoon Here the locals take their bath The foot of the town wall

South of Monopoli you find:

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Porto Bianco Porto Rosso Porto paradiso

Further south, within walking distance:

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La Scaletta Tre Bachi Colonia Marina

- and a lot of beaches and bays kilometre after kilometre.........

- all together 22 different beaches is shown on Monopoli's homepage

To the north you find:
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Lido Pantano Porto Monaci Cala Corvino